Christmas Gifts For Mistress and For Wife

Christmas brings with it the stress of having to select gifts for everyone in your life. The stress comes with a double measure when you are a married to a loving, dutiful wife and attached to a beautiful mistress. The man with a mistress and a wife looking up to him for a wonderful Christmas […]


The Mistress versus Wife Rivalry is Natural

A relationship that has a husband, wife and mistress combination is rarely good for any one of them. The wife considers it a betrayal by the husband, the husband feels guilty for being on the wrong and therefore guilty before the wife and the children. The mistress on the other hand feels cheap and used. […]


A Dynasty of Mistress Keeping in Japan throughout History

The reason why Japan is famous for mistress keeping is that it was a tradition for marriages to be arranged. It was in rare cases whereby love drew a couple into marriage. In the olden days, there was even a legal system that allowed prostitution in addition to the practice of mistresses keeping. Today, it […]


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