Agnes Sorel’s Influence on French Royalty

True greatness looks it from far. There are some people whose presence is dominating and influencing, in disregard of age or gender. Such was Sorel’s personality, so distinct and powerful, that she became an enemy of all who revolted against the reign of King Charles VII. She rose from a mere court visitor to a […]


Diane de Poitiers’ Royal Fame, Wealth and Love

Madame de Poitiers, born on 3rd September 1499, is among the most intriguing figures of French history. For a decade she ruled France alongside King Henri II as a royal mistress. Not only was she very beautiful and wealthy, but in her days, Diane de Poitiers had a lasting impact on the royalty of France […]


Madame de Pompadour, A Mistress Like No Other

The story of Madame de Pompadour is one that inspires and motivates persistence, determination and hope. Her name at birth was Jeanne-Antionette Poisson, a name she attributed to oppressive poverty and social limitations. Some of the cultural practices that have seen the oppression and subordination of women over the centuries and decades were inherited to […]


Reviewing Diane Haeger’s The Perfect Royal Mistress

Diane Haeger, a famed historical novelist, achieved a masterful historical picture in The Perfect Royal Mistress, recounting a scandalous love affair that thrived endearingly between King Charles II and his mistress, actress Nell Gwynne, during the English Restoration period. Despite the voluminous amount of details she has incorporated in the story, Diane manages to paint […]


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